Often asked by people considering joining Workmates Academy.

What is LEAP Method

Basically LEAP Stands for Learn, Earn and Pay means when some one join our institute there is a legal LEAP Agreement. In this agreement there are terms & conditions which we will discuss you in the meeting. so simply give us a chance to meeting with you. if you have any questions feel free to ring us on +919829118328 or email us at

What type of course do I need?

Some people will know exactly what course they need, perhaps based on their Dream job title. For example, Web Designing, Graphics Designing, Front End Developer and Digital Marketing courses will be appropriate for people involved in these roles. Other people may not have a specific need and will prefer to mis a few subjects together. Have a look through our courses, and see which you feel most meets your needs and then ring us on +919829118328 or email us at, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

How do I book a course?

Once you have found the type of course you want, simply ring us on +919829118328 or email us and we will discuss your exact requirements with you.

What skills and experience do your trainers have?

Our trainers have a wealth of experience and skills, gained from working for large international companies, in Web Designing, Web Development, Digital Marketing. View our trainers profiles on the The Team page. If you want to know more simply ring us on +919829118328 or email us at

How can you suggest a course when you don't know me?

Each Individual is different, and has different needs. A “one size fits all” training programme is not our style. We will meet with you to get to know need, your dream job, what you do and to discuss your training requirements, so that we understand exactly what you need. We will then suggest a course specifically for you.

Why not ring us on+919829118328 or email us at today for more information.

What happens after the course?

Once you complete the course we will placed you in the industry. We also work with you to identify future training needs.

The sort of course I want isn't listed, can you still offer me the training I want?

We fully understand that each individual is different, and so has different training requirements. We can design training courses to meet your exact requirements. If you want training on a subject not listed, simply ring us on +919829118328 or email us at with your requirements and we will be able to create a course to meet you needs.

I know I want training but don't know what skills I need, can you advise me?

Perhaps your colleagues or Parents can help you to decide which areas of your skill set could benefit from training. Whilst some of our courses are self-explanatory and suitable for specific jobs, other courses are suitable for many job roles in many industries. Just because you are a management person, it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t benefit from Designing and Development skills. Ring us on +919829118328 or email us at and let us help you decide the training that would be most beneficial to you.

Who else has used Workmates Academy Training?

We are proud of our reputation for providing Best training courses, and have worked with some of leading companies all over the world. Have a look at our Clients list and see who we’ve helped in your industry. References are also available on request.

What are the payment option? Can I pay in installments?

You can pay by card (debit/credit), cash, cheque and net banking. You can pay in two installments if you like. To know more please contact us on +919829118328 or email us at