12 Sep 2018


Are You Looking for Drupal Career Opportunities?

Drupal is becoming more and more well-known as one of, if not the most popular web CMS available. Drupal powers 3% of websites online and boasts a development community of over 1 million strong. As popularity continues to grow, demand for Drupal talent naturally follows. The demand is unlike any other that has occurred since the beginning of the commercial web in the early nineties.

There are many great opportunities available in the market for Drupal professionals, from the intern level to experienced programmers. It is no secret Drupal talent is in high demand. Many developers are updating their skills to include Drupal development, if not completely immersing themselves in Drupal, due to the level of work available. Some come from open source backgrounds in JAVA or PHP, and others, who may have previously worked with .NET projects are moving over to open source to accommodate clients looking to get into Drupal.

This trend also translates to technology and creative services firms, many of whom now have a Drupal department, or are 100% focused on developing Drupal websites. Some such as the creators of Drupal, Acquia even offer certifications and education programs to prepare for the test.

Drupal firms generally look for people who have talent or potential in following areas:

  • Drupal Front End Development
  • Drupal Backend Development
  • Drupal Site Administration
  • Project Management with Drupal experience
  • Designers with CMS or Drupal experience

Here are skills that you need to acquire to be in demand:

  • Knowledge of Drupal versions 6 and 7
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Javascript & jQuery
  • GIT for version control

Netbeans or Eclipse IDE is useful (or Any IDE with Code Debugger support) for PHP code and custom module development Knowledge of Acquia and other popular cloud hosting platforms such as AWS, Pantheon.

Where to Search for Drupal Opportunities

You probably know something about searching for a job. However looking for a Drupal job is a bit unique. Of course, there are the usual avenues, i.e. posting your resume on job portals like Monster, or creating your public profile on LinkedIn but now that you are a member of Drupal.org you can also use one of the best resources to find freelance or permanent opportunities working with Drupal, the Jobs Group https://groups.drupal.org/jobs. This page features all job postings across the Drupal Groups community.

The Drupal Association also recently launched https://jobs.drupal.org/home which is a place that also features some posts. Mainly this serves as a place for employers to pay for job posts and earn revenue for the Association, which by all means is a good thing, so many employers do post here and support the site as a way to support the community/movement.

Have You Thought About Working for Us?

For the past two years, TechAspect has made the Inc. Magazine 500 Fastest Growing Companies list. Our Drupal division is expanding quickly and we are in need of talent in the US, UK and India. We seek top talent, as well as new graduates, or those looking to update their skills to include Drupal. We offer competitive salaries, full-benefits to permanent employees, in house training / peer-mentoring, as well as a Drupalize.me video training account to all developers.

If you’re interested, go to our careers section to see how we can work together to build world class websites using Drupal.


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