India's 1st Academy with LEaP® System

 Launch your career with our financial support

Workmates Academy gives you an opportunity to learn new skills or launch new career in technology. Our LEaP model is based on your potential to succeed- we believe your financial status shouldn’t hold you back from breaking into a new career.

The main objective of the scheme is that we know India lives in her villages and to bridge the gap between rural India and urban India, this scheme is basically undertaken for the benefit of students coming from the rural areas, who are economically backward, intelligent and meritorious but cannot afford higher education, needy and financially hard pressed.

That’s why we offer job oriented training programs with LEaP model to students who are typically unable to afford the training fees. Eligible students for LEap model will get their training in free. In return, students agree to pay a portion of their income after training and landing a job.

Apply to a Learn, Earn and Pay Program

Complete an eligibility form and pass the training provider’s standard application process

If selected, apply for our financing

Receive Training from our professional and then get placement.

Pay It Forward as You Earn

After placement you pay us the training fees so that we provide training to other needed  students to make their future.

Eligibility to participate in LEaP program

This program is specifically designed for students who are otherwise unable to afford training, outright or through traditional financing methods.


  1. Be at least 18 years old.
  2. Be committed to completing all academic requirements of the course.
  3. Commit to participating in the training provider’s placement support program.


I had the thought for Workmates Academy in 2009 when I was teaching some of the students and doing my job as well. Sharing knowledge with youth gives me satisfaction and when my students get selected for the job it is always a Pride moment for me. Now my mission is to shape the beginner’s careers with these market-leading technologies
and get them placed in reputed companies.

It is a pleasure to share that all of my students are well placed and giving their best in their jobs.

Abhay Deep Mishra

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